Company profile

        Sichuan Jiuzhou  Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (state owned No. 608 factory) is a subsidiary of Sichuan Jiuzhou Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd a large state-owned backbone enterprise. It is the largest professional manufacturer of military and civilian photoelectric cables in Western China. It was founded in 1970 with a registered capital of 300 million RMB. It has built an cable industrial park covering an area of 232000 square meters, with a total asset of 1.117 billion RMB. and an annual operating income of more than 4 billion RMB. . It has subsidiaries such as Shenzhen Jiuzhou Rongsheng Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan Jiuzhou Shunda polymer material technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Jiuzhou Metian Cable Co., Ltd.

  Professional field

        The company  is mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of aerospace cables, optical cables and communication cables, bare wires and power cables, equipment cables, military and civilian optical cable components, and is widely used in military, communication, power, equipment and other industries.
         In recent years, our company has provided more than eight hunderd thousand kilometers of various types of optical cables for the army, domestic and foreign communication operators, radio and television networks, engineers and other customers. More than two hunderd thousand kilometers / T of power cables, conductors and ground wires have been provided to the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and power generation group. It has developed and manufactured tens of thousands of kilometers / set of aerospace cables, microwave phase stabilizing cables, special cables and various cable components for customers such as nuclear industry, aerospace, weapon ships and military electronics; It has provided millions of kilometers of rubber sheathed cables and installation cables for construction, transportation, equipment manufacturing, new energy and other industries.

  Industry status

        Sichuan Jiuzhou Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., is one of China‘s top 500 manufacturers. It has national technology center, postdoctoral research workstation, academician expert workstation, national air traffic control monitoring and communication system engineering technology research center, and national local joint engineering laboratory for research and application of multi-mode intelligent information technology based on Beidou.
         As a professional enterprise engaged in R & D and manufacturing of optical fiber & electric cables under Jiuzhou Group, Jiuzhou Wire and Cable is one of the first batch of national aerospace level scientific research institutions of highly reliable electronic components, national high-tech enterprises, China"s top 100 enterprises of electronic components, three-level units of military system safety standardization, qualified suppliers of military electronic components, directors of national defense science, technology and Industry Association Director unit of China electronic components photoelectric cable branch and director unit of anti-static and flame retardant materials sub Technical Committee of Coal Mine Safety Standardization Technical Committee.
         The company has mastered the anti vibration manufacturing technology of optical cable component connection, anti outer space electromagnetic radiation technology, one-time extrusion technology of double-layer fluoroplastic insulation, one-time control technology of irradiation crosslinking, one-time sintering technology of fluoroplastic tape precision covering, high-temperature fire-resistant cable and component protection technology, shielding and seamless connection technology of photoelectric cable components. There are more than 20 key technologies in the industry, such as symmetrical cable layout, resonant potential superposition technology, soft carbon fiber concentric stranding technology, equidistant sparse winding shielding and so on. It has more than 100 patented technologies such as micro cluster optical cable, rat proof optical cable and mooring cable for shipborne platform, participated in the formulation and revision of more than 10 national and industrial standards, and published more than 10 monographs and papers such as simple processing technology of optical cable and assembly technology of low frequency cable components for equipment.
         The company has obtained ISO9000 quality system, ISO14000 environmental management system, ISO18000 occupational health management system, Tel, radio and television network access, national defense optical cable network access, aerospace high reliability, coal mine safety certification, national production license, CCC certification and other systems and product certification.


        The company"s of optical fiber & electric cables industrial park covers an area of of 232000 square meters, and a construction area of more than 180000 square meters. It is equipped with American Davis fluoroplastic extrusion production line, Lucas vertical winding production line in Germany, sikoa online polarimeter in Germany, American photonic fiber comprehensive test system, argon arc welding wrinkle production line, 35kV three-layer co extrusion dry crosslinking production line, rubber extrusion continuous vulcanization unit, shielded partial discharge test system, series resonant power frequency withstand voltage test system More than 800 sets / set of optical cable mechanical performance test system and other product production lines, and more than 500 sets / set of professional testing equipment.

  Capability and performance of cables

        The company is a professional R & D, production and sales enterprise of 35kV and below power cables. Equipped with three-layer co extrusion dry crosslinking production Φ 70~ Φ There are 9 advanced power cable production lines at home and abroad, such as 150 plastic extruder, 84 frame winch, continuous annealing copper puller, high-speed aluminum puller, and more than 50 sets of various testing equipment. The company is a high-quality supplier of leading enterprises in industries such as state grid, China Southern Power Grid and Inner Mongolia electric power group. Its products have been stably operated in key projects such as "west to East power transmission", "Chengdu Universiade" and "Xi"an National Games". At the same time, the company"s power cable products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Australia and New Zealand.

  Brand advantages of optical cable products

        The company is a well-known enterprise in the manufacturing and sales of 35kV and below power cables and military and civil wire and cables in China.It is the first batch of professional enterprises engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of  power cables and optical cable products in China. Because the company has been engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of military products for a long time, it has more profound and rich experience and understanding of the quality, reliability and consistency of power cables and optical cable products than other enterprises, which has laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation and win-win with customers.

   Please Contact Us

        Name: Zhang Jingyao
        Tel: +86 816 2540890     
        Mobile: +86 18161001736
        Website: www.
        Address : No. 89, South Section of Science and Technology City Avenue, Yongxing Town, Mianyang High Tech Zone, Sichuan Province, China

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